With the talented photographer duo Camille & Charlotte we created a set of postcards around the theme of the winter solstice. They’re specialised in still life and make the whole art direction and the set design of their series. For the shortest day of the year with the longest night we created three cards, as three chapters : Lueur d’Hiver (Light of Winter) , Demeter et Perséphone (Demeter and Persephone), Constellation (Constellation). This project is a special one for me because I made graphic objects with someone else’s photos and not mine. I was curious how it would turn out to extend and add meaning to fellow photographer’s pictures. In each cards you can find a still life photograph with a poetic text (French only) created by them.

12 x 17,5 cm, inkjet printed on matt fine art paper 276g

Poscard presenting pictures photographed and retouched by Camille & Charlotte, art direction by them and me.